Supernatural Prize Raffle to Help Save Our Shop

ProjectFTF is losing their shop this weekend and may have to sell The Colt (a restored ‘67 Impala) to pay for storage for their many ongoing projects. Please Help Spread the Word and Give what you can!!

Our Fundraiser:

Prizes Video on FB

How to Enter: A donation is required to Enter this raffle!

In the comment section of the donation process page you will need to leave “FTF RAFFLE” as your comment so it shows you donated as an entry for the raffle. 

We will be selecting the winners randomly on June 13th at 8PM PST. 

The Rules: One raffle entry per person. All are welcome to enter. 

Winners: We will be giving out 24 prizes!


1. Dean Winchester Wilson’s Leather Jackets. Qty: 3

2. Dean Winchester Coolers. Qty: 3

3. Dean Winchester Hunter Duffle Bags. Qty: 3

4. Dean Winchester Amulets. Qty: 3

5. Dean Winchester Bullet Keychains. Qty: 4

6. Rock Salt Shotgun Rounds. Qty: 12x4

7. Plastic Toy Soldier. Qty: 4

Again this raffle is to help us raise funds to help save our shop! 

Please share this with everyone you can!!!

We want to continue to give the fans the props they’ve been asking for and continue to help those that need our help!

Thank you again for your support!

Captain FTF


Attention fans and #SPNFamily! As you know we’re in the process of moving out of our shop by this Saturday…

It breaks our hearts to leave a place we’ve called home for the past 3 years…

The new shop we’re looking into getting is requiring a partial deposit of 5k to secure it for us. 

Unfortunately we don’t have enough for even partial of the deposit to put down. That means we will have to put all of our projects including both #67impalas in storage until we’re able to get into our new shop. 

The worse news is we can’t afford to store both cars and we will need to sell one of our #67impalas to help pay for what we need. 

This decision was incredibly hard to make because we’re so attached to this car and it really does feel like we’re losing our child (Our Baby)…

We would really prefer not to sell her or put our projects in storage. We have so many projects planned for both cars and this is will just put us deeper in the hole….

We really need your help now more then ever! Please share this link with everyone!


The more people that see it - the more help we can get!

We want to thank you again for your support and we know with your help we can reach our goal!

Captain FTF